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Architecture In Helsinki: Now + 4 Eva [Album Stream + Review]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

On their fifth album, Melbourne’s Architecture in Helsinki have decided to shower their listeners with 80’s inspired synths and subtle disco flavours that make for an infectious, bubbly ambience.

The band may have steered away from the meatier material found on previous records, but that doesn’t make Now + 4 Eva any less inviting. Once the candy coated ‘In The Future’ kicks off, there is no turning back. Toes will tap, heads will bounce and the repeat button will find itself being abused.

The retro infused production is delightfully buoyant yet thankfully avoids pop’s saccharine pitfalls. Early highlight, ‘I Might Survive’, glows with its snazzy bass line and sweet vocals. Once the riffs and backing singers emerge on the chorus, it absolutely sparkles. The pulsing ‘2 Time’ sees lead vocalist Kellie Sutherland channelling Kylie Minogue, and ‘Before Tomorrow’ serves up lively big band elements.

When the slower moments arise, Now + 4 Eva simmers nicely. The laidback groove of ‘U Tell Me’ is seductive and the airy synths on ‘Echo’ glide effortlessly alongside Kellie’s breathy timbre. Equally memorable is ‘April’, a sublime, airy ballad that is the aural equivalent of being hugged by a cloud.

Now + 4 Eva does have a lot of sugary elements, but not in a way that will rot anyone’s teeth. A.I.H have forged an album that is elevated by its vintage pop characteristics, and if you thrive on fun, you’ll find plenty to enjoy.

Rating: ★★★☆

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