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Sex on Toast: Northcote Social Club, March 28 [Review]

Words by Dan Azzopardi.

Prior to 2013, I thought Sex on Toast was the act of masturbating onto a piece of toast and subsequently consuming it. I now associate the phrase with a ridiculously funky, overtly sexual and often comedic Melbourne nine-piece.

Sex on Toast premiered their debut album at Northcote Social Club on Friday, March 28 to a sold-out crowd (NB: I had to pretend I was from The Age in order to gain entry). Ahead of them stepping onto the stage, punters were treated to the Peter Savieri directed music video for latest single ‘Hold My Love.’ The video’s stars were swathed in tonal white-on-white, in the style of Dynasty meets preppy ’80s Ralph Lauren yacht party. The cheese factor was enhanced immediately after as we were greeted by the sunglass donning, low-buttoned band. Straight off the bat, I felt that I was being seduced by a TISM (This Is Serious Mum) tribute band. It was a perfect blend of Prince, The Darkness and Peter Andre with each band member adding value to the overall performance.

Slow jam ‘I’m Fucking You Tonight’ could have been the Family Ties theme song if produced by T-Pain. Shit got weirder when lead singer Angus E. Leslie announced that “Beyonce is the lizard queen and the band is the illuminati.” It was all conducive to an extremely fun evening. Sex on Toast is truly one of a kind: charismatic, cheeky, sleazy and tight.

Favourite lyric: “I need some lovin’ after 20 years of tuggin’.”

Verdict: See them. See them now. Also, download their debut album.

Rating: ★★★★

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