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Darkside: Palace Theatre, April 4 [Review]

Words by Dan Azzopardi.

Shrouded in smoke and shadow; framed by celestial red and white light; bass so intense that your heartbeat was forced to sync with the pulsation – that was Darkside at Melbourne’s Palace Theatre on Friday, April 4.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Palace Theatre for the first time ahead of its closure next month. I now understand why it’ll be an incredible loss to the local music scene. It’s grand. Not just in the physical sense with its three levels catering for almost 2,000 punters, but also in the way that it delivers sound impeccably, enhancing every intricate detail.

Although the duo’s name is not a nod to Pink Floyd’s magnum opus, it was difficult to not draw comparison. Band members Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington embraced ominous theatrics, and the venue was a total enabler.

Electronic music prodigy Nicolas Jaar is synonymous with dark, intense production while his counterpart, composer and jazz bassist Dave Harrington, brings the funk and rhythmic guitar lines. The result was a live show of dystopic soundscapes consisting of unexpected echoes, piercing guitars and an unrelenting bass. An experience supported by a packed ground floor, heaving with what looked like the undead.

The only downside to Darkside was that I was left wanting more. However, I feel that my appetite for Darkside will never be fulfilled.

Rating: ★★★★★

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