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The Black Keys: Fever [New Single]

New music from The Black Keys anyone?

‘Fever’ is the first hypnotic taste of The Black Keys‘ forthcoming record Turn Blue, which has been co-produced by the band, along with the legendary Danger Mouse.

When I said hypnotic above, I meant that in the literal sense. If you stare at the below video for too long, you will be sucked into The Black Keys‘ trance, where they could force you to do anything to them. Yes, anything.

Turn Blue – track-list:
1. Weight Of Love
2. In Time
3. Turn Blue
4. Fever
5. Year In Review
6. Bullet In The Brain
7. It’s Up to You Now
8. Waiting On Words
9. 10 Lovers
10. In Our Prime
11. Gotta Get Away

Turn Blue will see its release on May 13 via Nonesuch.

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