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Seven Swans by Sufjan Stevens turns 10 [Album Stream]

Around 10 years ago, this friend of mine told me about this musician he’d discovered with a weird name. He says to me 

“You should totally check this guy out. He plays sic banjo on like heaps of his songs and it sounds fucking cool. I fink his name is Sugar Stevens”

I jumped on this bizarro, new fan-dango thing called “The Internet” and typed this guys name into the search bar – I never looked at music the same way again.

It was of course Sufjan Stevens and the album was Seven Swans; a 12-track collection of the most outstanding pieces of music my ears had ever heard. Those songs made me laugh, and they made cry. I’d never experienced so many emotions at any one moment in time, and I just could’t get enough of it.

10 years on and Seven Swans continues to have that same effect on me. If you never got around to listening to Sufjan StevensSeven Swans, please do yourself a favour and listen to it now – might be a good idea to keep a box of tissues handy.

Be sure to show Sufjan Stevens your appreciation by purchasing the album from iTunes. | | |

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