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Reptile Youth: Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone [Album Review + Stream]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Denmark’s Reptile Youth have returned with a sophomore album that gleams with plenty of brashness and vigor. This time around, the duo have injected a healthy dose of rock elements into their formula, making for a more unrestrained outing this time around.

The addition of heavy guitars gives the record a welcome rebelliousness, especially on tracks like ‘Structures’ and ‘Diseased By Desire’. The latter evokes an especially gritty atmosphere thanks to a combination of sublime distortion and energetic drumming towards its final minutes. Throw in the punk influenced lyricism and you could be forgiven for thinking this is a completely different band to the one that offered up such a dance friendly first effort.

It doesn’t all play out so rough, as there are cuts that keep the dirty energy to a lower intensity. ‘Above’ is a pleasantly driving cut that shines thanks to a mesmerizing bass line, and ‘Where You End I Begin’ plays out like a stirring rock ballad.

Elsewhere, like on the up tempo ‘Colours’, salient synths go head to head with decadent riffs, whilst the title track’s hook forces its way through a barrage of fuzzy instrumentation and into your head.

The direction that Reptile Youth have taken with Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone is most certainly welcome. With their deep musical repertoire, the boys will easily avoid the sophomore slump and be well on their way to gaining a new legion of fans.

Rating: ★★★★

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