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Friendly Fires & The Asphodells: Before Your Eyes [New Single]

Reportedly sometime in 2013, Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J Fairplay, aka The Asphodells, met with the very awesome Friendly Fires in an east London pub, to discuss collaborating on some new music together.

The plan was to take a step away from their typical genres and styles, and approach the project with an open-ended form experimentation.

The result is the hypnotic eight-minute jam, ‘Before Your Eyes.’

The recording took in place in Ed Macfarlane’s basement studio (I bet there’s a lot of you that would like to spend some time in Ed’s basement right…?), as well as The Bunker; Weatherall’s studio in Shoreditch.

A second track ‘Velo’ was also recorded for a AA-sided 12” which will be the debut release on Friendly Fires’ newly formed, Telophase label. Pre-order a copy now. |

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