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Tensnake: Glow [Album Review]

Words by Michael Hutchinson.

Mylo’s Destroy Rock And Roll ranks high in my collection of favourite albums. It’s anthemic beats and lush percussion will forever remind me of when I first listened to the CD, on an imitation Discman at the beach in the summer of 2005. The album is soothing yet uplifting, immediate yet enduring. For me, Glow by is very similar.

German electronic DJ and producer Marco Niemerski (aka Tensnake) features some impressive collaborators on his highly-anticipated debut album Glow, including three time Grammy-award winner Stuart Price (aka Jacques Lu Cont, Les Rythemes Digitales, Thin White Duke, amongst other aliases) and R&B icon Nile Rodgers.

Best known, until now, for his 2010 anthem ‘Coma Cat’ (sampling Anthony & The Camps‘ 1986 hit ‘What I Like’), Tensnake has since spent time on a couple of EPs, a compilation and remixes for the likes of Lana Del Ray and Pet Shop Boys. An album he prepared in 2011 was lost when his hard drive crashed.

On Glow, Rodgers’ influence can be heard instantly, the addictive bass on ‘Love Sublime’ and ‘Good Enough To Keep’; ‘Pressure’ and ‘Feel Of Love’ too sound like something out of the 70’s with their straight-up funk, whilst ‘Listen Everybody’ and ‘No Colour’ wouldn’t sound out of place on a Café Del Mar compilation. ‘No Relief’ is something Chicane would be proud to put his name to.

The albums vocals have a largely Australian feel, Jeremy Glenn features on ‘Selfish’, while Tasmanian-born, Berlin-based Fiora lends her voice to no less than seven tracks, most notably the first three singles released from the album, ’58 BPM’, ‘See Right Through’ and ‘Love Sublime’.

It’s hard to pick a favourite track, but ’58 BPM’ wins by a nose. Even through the first play I could hear similarities to Markus Schulz’s ‘Last Man Standing’, and being a trance fan it was hard to ignore.

Clocking up nigh on sixty minutes, Glow explores a multitude of genres whilst sounding relevant. It honours the popular sounds of yesteryear whilst staying dancefloor significant. File it alongside Disclosure, Daft Punk and Flume’s 2013 releases, and although it won’t be as popular as the aforementioned in many people’s eyes, it’s an album I’ll be happy playing until the sophomore arrives (as long as I’m not waiting a decade. Hint, hint Mylo).

Tensnake has an extensive American tour this March through May and I’m hoping he’ll visit Australia later in the year, maybe as part of the Stereosonic tour, the line-up of which is slated for release in July.

Rating: ★★★★

Here’s a Glow minifix, but you can get the full album now from iTunes. | |

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