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Calling All Cars: Raise the People [Album Review]

Words by Justine McNamara.

Melbourne band Calling All Cars are back with their third album Raise The People, their first release since 2011’s Dancing With A Dead Man.

This album is not overly consistent. While consistency is usually the mark of a great album, this one pulls off eclecticism well. There’s a mix of heavy tracks, tracks bordering on an industrial sound, and tracks to dance to. They’ve covered a lot of different elements and surprisingly, they all work together and achieve an album you can put on repeat without getting bored.

Opener and title track ‘Raise the People’ starts with an innocent intro but as soon as the vocals kick in with “Last night I had a dream” all hell breaks loose. The guitars are louder, the drums speed up and his scream is enough to make you jump when you’re not expecting it. This track was definitely the best choice to open the album. It’s energetic, heavy, balls-out rock. The guitar riff drives over an intense drum line and the vocals’ urgency and intensity increases as the song continues, and becomes close to a scream towards the end.

‘Standing in the Ocean’ adds a melodic element to the album with its harmonies, falsetto and quick dance beat. This adds perfect contrast to those heavier tracks without losing any of the urgency or energy that they’ve built up so well. The catchy as hell hook and bridge will have you moving around in your seat and imagining dance moves to bust out.

Single ‘Werewolves’ takes another new direction with a funky guitar riff, heavy bass line and loop effects. Lead singer Haydn Ing’s voice really gets a work out in this song, he screams, wails and sings falsetto. This song shows the amazing range this band have, it goes from being a track you can dance to, to being scary and confronting and then lightens up again.

The guitar work, vocals, effects and instrumentation on ‘Good God’ makes it one of the standout tracks… on an album of standout tracks. The way this track builds, layers and increases its effects makes it impossible to go past as one of the better tracks on an already strong album.

Raise the People took a few listens to really appreciate it, but once it won me over, I was hooked. I wish I could talk about every song individually; they all deserve praise. Each song combines instrumentation, production and vocals perfectly to achieve something worthy of being named the standout. To have a collection of songs show so much range, variety and talent is no mean feat, and Calling All Cars need to be recognised for this.

If you’ve been looking for a new band to follow, this is it. Listen to this album immediately.

Rating: ★★★★

Here’s the David Rusanow directed video for ‘Werewolves’

Calling All Cars are licking off a massive tour next week which sees them doing 23 dates in 7 states. You can find all of those details here.

Raise the People is available now from iTunes thanks to Cooking Vinyl Australia. |


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