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BATHS: Interview

Will Wiesenfeld, aka BATHS, is heading back to Australia next week for a string of shows, where we’ll get to hear his stunning 2013 record Obsidian in all its glory.

I almost peed my pants with excitement last week when I was asked if I wanted to have a Skype-date with Will.

Of course I said yes and this is want went down.

Where are you and what are you wearing? [Laughs] Well, I’m in a hotel room in the Philippines and I am wearing UNIQLO underwear and a t-shirt – that is it. Saucy! Yeah totally [Laughs] No, I’m just about to go to bed actually.

Congrats on Obsidian. I actually voted it my #1 Album of 2013 and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to it now. Wow man, that’s so great to hear. Thanks! No, Thank you! How has it been received elsewhere? Yeah it’s been good. When I started writing it I kind of new I was going into weirdo territory, and like I’m okay with that because that’s where I always am, but I knew there would be a different reception to that of Cerulean. I think I kind of made that one to be easier to accept and listen to while I have intentionally made Obsidian more difficult. When we first started playing the new material, when the record wasn’t even out yet, people just weren’t having it [Laughs]

What is your obsession with the colour BLUE? Ahh, I don’t know [Laughs] I guess I’ve always been a water orientated person. I’m obsessed with swimming or sitting in a jacuzzi for as long as I can and going to the beach whenever possible. So ‘Blue’ I guess just puts me in that head space – all the right conotations in my life kind of equate to ‘Blue’ in some way.

Next obvious question from there is, why the name BATHS? [Laughs] Yeah I guess that kinda stemmed from me liking baths so much. They put me in a really creative headspace and I’ve thought up loads of song lyrics and song ideas from the bath tub.

So you are back in Australia next week! Are you excited? Yes! I can’t wait. We’re in Manilla now, then onto Korea, then China and then we’re in Australia for like five dates. We have a few days between two of the shows so I’m looking forward to getting in the ocean there.

Are you working on anything else at the moment? We do have an EP that’s coming out in about a month or two. It’s a companion piece to Obsidian with four new songs that I’ve done and one that will be the first collaboration with my bandmate Morgan, so that will be very cool. What shade of ‘Blue’ will this one be titled? [Laughs] That I’m not to sure just yet.

It’s always entertaining to read your Tweets as they come through my feed. [Laughs] That’s like my favourite shit ever. I can be a total moron and people just cheer it on. Yes, well you did just share an image on Twitter before this interview stating it as your “Current Mood” – can you explain this mood in words? [Laughs] Oh shit. I’m obsessed with this fucking character from this weird show, I don’t know if it’s exactly a good show but I’m hooked. It’s called Kill la Kill and there’s this character from it, this giant guy called Gamagoori and for the entire show everyone is completely naked. I don’t understand why but it’s just fucking great and he’s a cartoon and he’s fucking hot! So, that’s my mood [Laughs]

This was BATHS’ Twitter mood at the time of our hang:

Gamagoori - Kill La Kill - BATHS

And this is on of Obsidian’s stand-out tracks ‘Miasma Sky’

As mentioned above, BATHS is back in the country next week. Check him out on one of the dates below and grab your tickets right here.

Sunday, March 16 – Rocket Bar, Adelaide
Thursday, March 2 – Alhambra, Brisbane
Friday, March 21 – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Saturday, March 22 – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Sunday, March 23 – The Bakery, Perth

Grab a copy of Obsidian now from iTunes. | |

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