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MØ: No Mythologies to Follow [Review]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

After releasing the Bikini Daze EP last year, Karen Marie Ørsted aka has set herself up for some very high expectations and, thankfully, she delivers the goods on No Mythologies to Follow.

From beginning to end, the record is a testament to ‘s many talents. Her knack for melody allows for some stirring vocal arrangements, like the celestial harmonies heard in the beginning of ‘Fire Rides’ and the hypnotic chorus of coos on ‘Maiden’.

An expressive timbre adds to tracks that already benefit from Ørsted’s impressive pen game. On ‘Never Wanna Know’ and the beautifully understated ‘Dust is Gone’, her disconsolate tone tugs at the heartstrings, whilst on the title track, she is a tigress prowling amongst the seductive sythns, voice sultry and compelling. Throw in a formidable vocal range, and you have another reason to be drawn to the songstresses’ musings.

The album’s electro pop vibe is permeated by various genre influences. ‘Red in the Grey’ and ‘Pilgrim’ sport a hip hop sound, while the guitar riff in ‘Waste of Time’ adds a rock edge. Effervescent horns pop up on ‘XXX 88″, and the psychedelic pop touches to ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’ make it a definite highlight.

No Mythologies to Follow proves to be an all killer, no filler experience. ‘s poignant lyricism and diverse style are sure to keep her around for quite some time, and she is no doubt destined to stay ahead of the pop starlet pack.

Rating: ★★★★

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