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Kaiser Chiefs: Education, Education, Education & War [Album Review]

Words by Renee Meznarsic.

From the ashes of founding member and drummer, Nick Hodgson, a move that could have seen the demise of the British quintet, rises the 5th release from the boys; Education, Education, Education & War.

The album title is a reference to Tony Blair’s famous 2005 speech on the power of education: “Education, education, education, then and now the key to the door of Britain’s future success.” With the addition of war, this perfectly encapsulates the pure frustration in which sparked this fiery and arguably, the most passionate release from the Kaiser Chiefs yet.

The echo of gawking seagull, a gust of wind and a punchy synth is how ‘The Factory Gates’ welcomes us in. A great opening track which sets the tone for the remainder of the album – an ode to the middle class with loads of grunt.

There are only a few tracks which seem to stray from this catchy and aggressive tone, such as second track ‘Coming Home’ – a beautifully nostalgic song, which almost seems like a bitter sweet look at the demise of the old Kaiser Chiefs, and album finale ‘Roses’ which brings back in the original message tied to the album – nostalgic aggression.

My personal top pick of the bunch is first release, ‘Misery Company’ – a stomping and grisly track with a passive aggressive chorus that laughs at (definitely not with) you.

A passionate and strong come-back from the boys which is punchy, fun and with just a dash of belligerence from start to finish. The Kaiser Chiefs are definitely back, and here to stay with more vigour than you may be used to.

Rating: ★★★☆

Pre-order Education, Education, Education & War now from iTunes ahead of its official release on March 28, thanks to Liberator Music and Mushroom. |

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