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Black Atlass: Young Bloods EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Jacqui Wonder. 

Greet a modern day Prince via the nu-R&B stylings of Black Atlass’ latest offering, the Young Bloods EP.

Similar to the Artist Formerly Known as Prince before him, Black Atlass aka Alex Fleming has made waves both in musical and fashion circles, with his sound pushing R&B borders and his look is definitively easy-on-the-eye. I’ll let the fashionistas concern themselves with his stylings (my idea of fashion is a leather jacket and a short skirt), and I’ll focus on the R&B dripping, experimental electro audio.

Soulful, breathy and velvety vocals are a hallmark of the EP, and being Fleming’s own, they set him apart as a producer. Low tempo, experimental synth are where the similarities end across the six tracks that showcase a diversity of ideas and technical skills.

Lead single ‘Blossom’ has already clocked up an impressive 180,000 SoundCloud plays, with an expansive bassline augmented by syncopated synth lines and Fleming’s velvety voice dishing out ideas of first love.

‘The Rose’ and ‘Jewels’ are the standouts for me with soul infused vocals complemented by an experimental instrumentation where Fleming doesn’t shy away from laying it on thick or pairing it right back to a heartbeat like percussion line as in ‘The Rose’.

Overall Fleming is a sensual experience for the ears and the eyes.

Rating: ★★★

Young Bloods EP is out now on iTunes via Fool’s Gold Records. |

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