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Tincture: Tryst EP [Review]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

On his brand new EP, Brisbane producer Luke Dalton invites listeners to explore a beguiling realm of murky, electronic soundscapes under his artist moniker, Tincture. Dalton has cooked up five doleful, atmospheric tracks that brim with yearning and curiosity, seducing one’s ears with lovelorn lyrics and the artist’s hypnotic voice.

Perfectly recreating the feeling of numbness that can linger over us when love wanes, Dalton drizzles slow burning grooves and slick sampling into the mix. The dusky tone of ‘Similar Circles’ is intoxicating, with the shadowy, reverb accented vocals rising and falling into an ocean of lush synths and skittering percussion. On title-track ‘Tryst’, the infectious hook worms its way into one’s head while a guest spot by Hazel Brown highlights the song’s bleak romanticism.

The theme of reflecting on one’s past and questioning what may have been plays out on ‘Trepanning’ and culminates on the EP’s closer, ‘Heavy Water.’ The production throughout the verses simmers until boiling over on the chorus, which shines thanks to the brisk drums and clever sampling of Brandy‘s ‘What about us’.

The Tryst EP ultimately plays out like a meditative soundtrack that collects remnants of the past and layers them atop haunting instrumentation. Delving deep into the aftermath of romance and surviving to tell the tale, Trincture‘s representation of universal sentiments is mesmerizing. Technically polished and meticulously arranged, this is an effort that will keep you company on the coldest of nights.

Rating: ★★★

Here is the EP’s stunning opening track ‘Similar Circles’

Pre-order your copy of the Tryst EP now from iTunes, available March 4 thanks to Silo Arts & Records. |

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