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Sable: Feels So Good [EP Review + Stream]

Words by Jacqui Wonder. 

Glittery and nuanced, Sable’s sophomore EP Feels So Good jacks the tempo right up from debut EP Hypercolour and shows off a fresh, energetic sound you’ll be wanting plenty more of in 2014.

The EP is marked by Sable’s signature glittery synth work, upbeat and highly dance-able beats and sugar-high vocals, a marked evolution from the lower-tempo, deeper register Kaytranada inspired Hypercolour.

‘Foolin’ and ‘Want U Girl’ will get you practicing your come hither moves on the closest dancefloor, whilst ‘Heights’ will take you to a different place with its atmospheric feels that are anchored with some solid synth and percussion work.

Do your ears a favour and flick ‘Mana Pools’ on repeat for a few plays, there’s so much going on in this track and it subtlely strikes a balance between the dancey euphoria of ‘Feels So Good’ and grounded synth work of ‘Heights’. Of all tracks on the EP it’s possibly the biggest show of Sable’s technical and composition skills.

Stand out tracks on the EP would have to be title track ‘Feels So Good’ that has been making serious waves with now over 150,000 plays on SoundCloud and the aforementioned ‘Want U Girl’ with its serious house lean.

Rating: ★★★★

Sable Feels So Good EP is available now on iTunes, all thanks to Pilerats Records. | |

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