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My First CD: Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose is without doubt one of Sydney’s finest female producers and vocalists. She’s collaborated with some of Australia’s finest artists such as Frames, Flight Facilities and RÜFÜS as well as a collaboration with LA’s Sinden. Just recently Elizabeth released a self-titled EP along with news of a national tour with Canberra’s SAFIA and Sydney duo Fishing in-tow.

We touched base with Elizabeth last week to ask where her love of music began.

One of the first CDs I bought was the single ‘Come on Over’ by Christina Aguilera, I was 10!
– I’m streaming it online as I write this paragraph and my god it brings back memories.

I used to make a dance routine to this song in front of my mirror and sing along pretending I was Xtina haha..I also remember there was a Spanish version of this song that she recorded and included on the single, how funny! I also remember there being an instrumental of the song (remember when they used to do that back in the day?) and I recorded myself singing over it onto tape…thankfully those tapes are long gone…!

So clearly I loved pop music from an early age (especially Christina Aguilera/Mariah/Aaliyah) and I guess that’s where it all started for me, and you can hear it now in the music I write 13 years later!

For the first time to ever appear on acid stag, here is Christina Aguilera with ‘Come on Over’

Now see if you can pick out the Xtina influences in Elizabeth Rose’s latest single, ‘Sensibility’

As mentioned above, Elizabeth Rose is kicking off a national tour at the end of February. You can find all of those details right here. | |

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