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My First CD: Georgia Nott + Caleb Nott, BROODS

Lorde isn’t the only good thing musically coming from New Zealand at the moment – brother/sister duo Georgia Nott and Caleb Nott are also making quite the name for themselves in the indie electro world under the pseudonym BROODS.

They’ve just recently played a few outstanding shows here in Australia alongside releasing their fantastic debut self-titled EP. We caught up with them to ask where it all began.

We remember one Christmas Georgia and I got our first CDs together. Georgia got the Vengaboys‘ The Party Album and I got Ricky Martin‘s Livin’ The Vida Loca!

Although we had many sibling dance parties in the lounge room to these fantastic albums, I can’t honestly say these albums particularly influenced our musical tastes longterm. But we were so excited at the time to get our first CDs and had many envious friends!

We were more influenced by our parents’ musical tastes which varied from Neil Diamond to Manhattan Transfer. These have more so nurtured and influenced our own eclectic tastes.

For the first time in acid stag history, we are going to share a Vengaboys track with you. As we listen to ‘We Like To Party!’ let us all imagine the the kid-versions of Georgia and Caleb jumping around their lounge room.

Then we can finish with something far better for our ears, ‘Pretty Thing’ taken from the BROODS EP.

Take a look at the ★★★☆ review we published on their debut EP right here.

Pick up a copy of the EP now from iTunes. | |

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