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edapollo: Shallow Swell EP [Review]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Producer edapollo releases his Shallow Swell EP, a set of four tracks that bathe the listener in a sea of sparkling, ambient electronica. Expertly threading understated rhythms into a tapestry of delicate synths, Shallow Swell features some sweet sampling and edapollo‘s ability to capture a moment’s mood and translate it into his compositions.

The stereotype that plagues music with the term ‘ambient’ attached to it is that it will lull you into a slumber, and that couldn’t be further from the truth where this EP is concerned. Opening track ‘Breathing Lessons’ mesmerizes with its chopped, angelic vocal samples and guitar, providing an introduction that fuses a mellow undercurrent with a mid tempo bounce.

The soothing digital blips that emanate throughout ‘Sundancer’ create a dreamlike sonic realm reminiscent of Björk‘s ‘Desired Constellation’, albeit a tad livelier. ‘Tisne’ is the most up tempo cut, transient vocal samples darting in and out of its initially easy going production before its galloping rhythms kick in and drive the song to dance worthy status.

Final track ‘Marcelo’ came together  at a time when the producer and his girlfriend found a runaway boy during a gloomy winter evening. Named after the child, the dark, elegant groove of the song mirrors the bleak night of the encounter.

Enchantingly chilled with a dose of upbeat elements, Shallow Swell is an EP that serves as the perfect introduction to edapollo‘s production style. Short and sweet, it’s the perfect record to see off summer.

Rating: ★★★☆

Go and get your very own copy of this stunning debut EP now via  edapollo‘s Bandcamp page. |

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