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My First CD: Lance Gurisik, LANCELOT

A few weeks ago, Sydney producer Lancelot delivered one hell of a new single,’Givin’ It Up’ featuring Antony & Cleopatraaka Alex Burnett of Sparkadia and Anita Blay of CocknBullKid.

The release was then followed up by a ‘Givin’ It Up’ music video, then came another A-side track ‘Make Ends Meet’ also featuring Antony & Cleopatra, and now just last week Lancelot announced a national Givin’ It Up EP Tour.

We thought we’d have a quick catch up with Lance before all the crazy begins.

“I think my first CD was the Pokemon Album for my 10th Birthday or something! But I’m not going to talk about that one, haha.

When I was growing up through high school I didn’t really listen to electronic music to be honest. I listened to punk music. THRICE were a band that fell under that ‘punk’ umbrella however, when they released ‘Vheissu’ in 2005 it was pretty grand. There were strings on it, Rhodes pianos, electronics etc. It allowed me to realise that there was more to music than two guitars, bass, drums and a yelling singer.

‘For Miles’ would be my favourite song from the album I reckon. It gets pretty weird towards the end though….can’t say I’ve listened to them in a long time but possibly this interview has inspired me to go back and listen to the CD. (Remember CD’s?)

ps. I’ve heard THRICE have broken up. Oww :-(“

And now we have Lancelot‘s Givin’ It Up EP.

Find all of the Givin’ It Up EP Tour details right here. |


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