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Pilerats Records: Compilation Crossword [Comp]

The newly minted Pilerats Records are prepping the release of their first 12-track compilation album for next Monday, but ahead of this they want you all to have a go at guessing which acts will be featured on the release.

If you’re good at crosswords then this guessing game is right up your alley.

We can start you off with an audio-snippet for Clue 4-Down: “Puberty was an awkward time for James”

And here’s the Compilation Crossword:

Pilerats Records - poster

On Monday, February 10 Pilerats Records will unleash the  compilation of new and unreleased music from some of our favourite international and domestic artists – and it will be 100% FREE!

Be sure to hit up the below Pilerats Records channels for all of the answers.


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