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BROODS: Self-Titled [EP Review]

Words by Justine McNamara.

New Zealand duo BROODS have released their self-titled EP. The EP follows the success that Caleb Nott and Georgia Nott enjoyed with their single ‘Bridges’, and brings us some chilled out pop tracks to enjoy.

The EP starts with ‘Never Gonna Change’, a dark and dare I say it, “brooding” track. Layers are added to this track as it goes, and adds to the urgency that builds from scratching and Georgia Nott’s vocal harmonies. The chorus explodes with one hell of a drum-beat but then the track quickly retreats into the subdued feel it had in the first verse. The repetition of “Never gonna change,” until the track fades away at the end cements it as a sad lament.

‘Pretty Thing’ is immediately more upbeat than its predecessor, and uses a higher vocal register, a quicker tempo and vocal harmonies to achieve a brighter feel throughout. The pairing of Caleb and Georgia’s vocals adds a lot to this track and the two engage in a call and response throughout. The brief drum solo in the last 10 seconds could have gone for longer and feels like it was cut off too soon.

Their single ‘Bridges’ is featured on this EP and is a lot more pop-driven than the other tracks. It is a standout single with its catchy riff and harmonies. The quickened tempo makes it an obvious dance track and shows the two have changed since this single was released in October 2013.

BROODS add a touch of melancholy with ‘Sleep Baby Sleep’ that loses the beats found in the other tracks, and strips the instrumentation and vocals right back. The lyrics: “The beauty of this mess is that it brings me close to you,” bring a lot of sadness to the track and achieves an overall feeling of hopelessness. This track is very different from the rest on this EP because Georgia’s almost heavenly vocals are the focus, not a drum-beat or a synth loop.

The remaining two tracks, ‘Taking You There’ and ‘Coattails’ are similar to the others we’ve heard on this EP but there’s no problem with that. They’re both layered, complex and enjoyable, which is exactly what this EP is. This duo have put together some impressive arrangements and shown their talent off with their debut.

BROODS are putting together an album to be released later in 2014 and if it’s anything like their EP, they’re sure to eventually be noticed and celebrated even more.

Rating: ★★★☆

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