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Phoenix: Interview

Words by Jacqui Wonder.   

Parisian indie-rock favourites Phoenix will be in the country for the 2014 Future Music Festival circuit and they have also announced two sideshows taking place during their visit, featuring Melbourne’s World’s End Press on support.

Resident acid stag reviewer Jacqui Wonder had a very pleasurable conversation this week with Phoenix bassist Deck d’Arcy. Here is what went down.

Where are you and what are you wearing?
Ahh [laughs] I’m at home in Paris, I’m still in bed and umm, I’m not actually wearing anything….[laughs]

(Jacqui takes a moment to compose herself)

Congratulations on Bankrupt!’s 1 year anniversary! What has really defined touring this album over the past year?
Well with every album and tour we always try to create something new, almost like trying to become a different band with each new album. We have an idea of the ‘perfect’ show and it takes a long time to create, but we’re kind of getting there now with Bankrupt! after like one hundred shows. But it’s always changing, every show is different and we always try to add something new. Most of the time it’s tiny details but it keeps it interesting for us and our fans. A bit dangerous too – we hate to be safe. We need to be in a dangerous position to keep the shows good.

So what will be dangerous about this upcoming string of shows across the UK, France, Australia and South America?
We’re probably going to have some special guests, which I can’t tell you about right now because it would ruin the surprise. But we also have some new versions of some songs, plus some new visuals just for this tour. Every performance will be about trying something new or different.

Now even though you all grew up together, 2014 marks fifteen years together for Phoenix ‘officially’ as a band. How will you guys celebrate the anniversary – aside from chocolates and roses for each other obviously?
The reality is that there’s no ‘official’ date. We started the band when we were twelve years old – that was in 1988…So, happy 26th Anniversary this year then! Yeah exactly! [laughs] The band is our life, we grew up with it, it’s our DNA – it’s been so long now that we don’t really celebrate the anniversaries anymore.

Any chance that we will be seeing Phoenix back in the studio this year working on album number six?
Yeah most likely! We’re already thinking about some new ideas that we want to work on. Everything’s great at the moment and it’s good being back together doing shows. In saying that though, it’s actually not that easy to start bringing an album together. We need to get everyone back in the same room and we all know it will be a long time working on it. But we are very excited about it all the same.

Would any work in the studio include the legendary console of Michael Jackson’s resurfacing?
Ah yeah! [laughs] Actually we can’t wait for that – on the previous album we only used a few channels from it because the console hadn’t been fully refurbished, but now it’s ready to go and we can’t wait to plug it in. It’s really exciting – not even because it’s the MJ one, just because now it’s a great console, we don’t really get into the whole celebrity thing – it’s a bit ridiculous.

Finally – it’s been almost 5 years since you last toured in Australia, what are you looking forward to seeing/doing while you’re here?
Many things – our best memories of touring are in Australia, so we have high expectations! It has to be as good as it was before for us, but that really depends on the crowd – a good show is all about the crowd. We love it on the road, it’s always so unpredictable!

Phoenix 2014 FMF and Sideshows:
Wednesday, March 5 – Horden Pavilion, Sydney (with World’s End Press)
Thursday, March 6 – Festival Hall, Melbourne (with World’s End Press)
Future Music Festival – Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide

If you haven’t already, you really should grab a copy of Bankrupt! now from iTunes.

We’ll leve you with the music video for Phoenix‘s latest single ‘Chloroform’

Phoenix Tour Poster | | | | |

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