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Satchmode: Collide EP [Review]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.   

Dream pop duo Satchmode (Gabe Donnay and Adam Boukis) have offered up their little slice of heaven in their debut EP Collide, which is all light and dreamy tracks paired with warm, jungle-like bass lines. The LA duo recorded and mixed the EP in their bedroom studio, which must also have housed the menagerie of instruments the gifted pair master across every track (vocals, guitars, synth, strings plus mixing).

‘Best Intentions’ and ‘Old Fears’ are both underscored by a relentless beat, giving synth, guitar and breathy vocals across the two tracks a sense of momentum. Across the entire album an endless array of influences get the nod, showcasing Gabe and Adam’s eclectic backgrounds in music from folk and bluegrass to jazz and funk.

Title track ‘Collide’ and ‘Down’ are pure heaven, creating sky-high feels with a more ambient style than the first half of the EP. Barely there vocals and pulsating synth are the signature of the dreamlike backdrop the tracks evoke, you can cancel your ambien prescription as Satchmode provide you the millennial’s lullaby.

Rating: ★★★

Here is the heavenly title-track ‘Collide’

Get your dream on and grab a copy of the Collide EP now from iTunes. | |

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