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Warpaint: Self titled [Album Review]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

On their self-titled follow up to their impressive debut, L.A foursome Warpaint offer a darker sound that exhibits a more free flowing, minimalist atmosphere. Experimenting with acoustic guitars and percussion, along with influences from R&B and rap, has allowed the group to deliver more than the standard indie rock many may have been expecting.

The first half of the record is generally more upbeat than the second, with songs like ‘Love is to Die’ and ‘Keep it Healthy’ playing the role of catchiest tunes on the album. The later tracks tend to flaunt a more experimental edge when it comes to structure and vocal arrangements. ‘Teese,’ with its subdued harmonies and gentle acoustic guitar plays out like a melancholic lullaby, whilst ‘Go In’ envelopes you in its chilled, ghostly ambience.

When avoiding a traditional pop framework, the quartet manages to keep things interesting by evoking some early Bat for Lashes and even some Metallic Falcons vibes on the more abstract tracks, especially in the way the vocals have been layered, like on the hypnotic ‘Hi’ and the up tempo ‘Disco//very’.

Warpaint must be commended for daring to try something different on their second full length outing. It’s always a risky move to head down the path less travelled, but it has definitely paid off for the decade old group. Colouring outside the lines has resulted in a release that entrances as the minutes go by, guaranteeing a listen that won’t soon be forgotten.

Rating: ★★★★

Here is the album’s lead single, ‘Biggy’

Followed by ‘Love Is To Die’

Warpaint’s Warpaint is out now on iTunes.

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