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Elizabeth Rose: Self-titled [EP Review + Stream]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.    

If 2013 was the year that Aussie musicians got on the map in electronic music, 2014 will be the year that artists like Elizabeth Rose and Movement put their distinct flavour of electro R’n’B on the menu in a big way.

It seems I’m not the only one with this opinion with FBi Radio crowning Sydney sweetheart Rose their ‘Next Big Thing’ at this month’s SMAC Awards. The self titled EP is all velvety, Aaliyah inspired vocals and layers of keyboards, beats and synth brought together in Rose’s unpredictable but sweet, unintentionally sexy signature sound.

I’ve been hooked on ‘The Good Life’ since it came out, Rose creates a perfect calamity of sound that is mesmerising and addictive (replay count upto 70 billion anyone?) plus the honey-laden vocals speak of an excitement and ambition that anyone can relate to – just picture yourself cruising up to your Bondi penthouse, popping bottles of Cristal and flashin’ instagram selfies in designer clothes – this would be the soundtrack.

Seductive, whispery vocals on ‘Out of Step’ remind you of 90s Pop/R’n’B queens Brandy, M.I.A, Aaliyah, but Rose retains an Aussie quirkiness with an unpredictable and original instrumentation (was that an accordion?). The track is restrained and subtle after ‘The Good Life’, introducing the sexy R’n’B tune to modern electro down under.

‘Sensibility’ is Rose at her best, after combining layers of synth, beats and keys in generous measure with velvety but fragile vocals, the final result shows off the skills of an impressive production team, including the likes of Cameron Parkin and Styalz Fuego. ‘Is It Love?’ also benefits from masterstrokes in production; taking the lyrics of the track at face value you’d be forgiven for expecting Britney Spears or a ‘Genie in a Bottle’ style Christina Aguilera on the other side of the mic, but it’s just the right balance between sugar and spice (sorry, that corny analogy just works so well).

I loved this EP so much I’m giving it my first all thumbs up; ★★★★

The Elizabeth Rose EP is out now via Inertia Access.

Make sure you get out to see Elizabeth Rose playing these tracks live on the EP launch tour with Safia and Fishing riding shotgun. The tour kicks off 28 February in Sydney, tickets on sale now and you.

We’ll leave you with the video for lead single, ‘The Good Life’ | |

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