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CEO: Wonderland [Album Review]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Creating a sonic world full of dreamy pop gems is easy when you’re Eric Burgland. On his second solo project, CEO, he takes you on a fantastical sonic adventure that dazzles with airy synths, soaring harmonies and a dash of pounding rhythms, ensuring a listen that won’t soon be forgotten.

At only eight tracks in length, Wonderland effortlessly captures your attention and maintains it thanks to the hypnotic arrangements that abound. A good job was done of inserting various vocal effects into the songs, with the somewhat jarring shouts and moans working in a way similar to how CocoRosie use children’s toys in their compositions.

The  first portion of the record takes on a mellow approach. ‘In a Bubble on a Stream’ enamors with sparkling piano keys and celestial harmonies, while follow up ‘Juju’ has a striking, serene ambience that features soft, comforting hums. Once ‘Mirage’ kicks in, the tempo picks up and remains that way for the remainder of the record with standouts ‘Ultrakatos’, Whorehouse and the title track rounding things off by flaunting sprightly drums that gallop steadily alongside Burgland’s voice.

Wonderland couldn’t have been more aptly titled. Its combination of intoxicating, ambient production and off the wall nuances ensure that there is nary a dull moment to be found within its 34 minute runtime. Losing oneself in this aural rabbit hole is easy, and anyone familiar with previous CEO effort White Magic will already know the drill. Don’t hesitate, just jump in!

Rating: ★★★

Here is the album’s lead single, ‘Whorehose’

WONDERLAND will see its release on February 7 via Modular People.


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