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My First CD: Vito Aeroplane, Aeroplane

Vito Aeroplane was in Australia over the New Year period, laying down his revered blend of disco house tunes at a few of the festive season parties, one of them being the Paradise NYE on Sydney Harbour alongside Norman Jay MBE and Russ Dewbury.

We briefly caught up with the music-man to ask him the big question; What was the first CD you ever bought?

The first record I bought was a 7” of Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ that I asked my mother for and went to the store and bought. My first CD unfortunately was stolen and it was Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirt’ single.

We had this thing called the “Discobus,“ a big truck going from town to town enabling people to rent CDs for a week and discover new music. That’s how I did most of my music education as I had no money to put into it. Then like the stupid kid that I was, I realized I could go in there, take a CD and just walk out with it. Looking back it was a really selfish stupid thing to do as I was completely overlooking the “community” aspect of it and how the sole purpose of the “Discobus” was to help kids like me who had no access to culture, to get into it.

The CD itself pretty much changed my life. I had been having fun with my little Casio, was learning music theory and how to play the piano, but ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ made me buy a guitar, get a band, and start thinking about music as something serious I wanted to do for a living. I took private guitar lessons for years, until I heard Daft Punk‘s ‘Homework’ and shifted music genre. I can clearly remember sitting on the floor in front of this huge Hi-Fi system with my headphones on, blasting the opening drum fill over and over again. I was blown away, like the rest of the world.

Naughty boy for stealing, but if he hadn’t, where would his musical career be sitting today we wonder…..?

Here is Nirvana with ‘Smells Like Teen Spirt’

Let’s finish with Aeroplane’s most recent original release, ‘In Her Eyes’ featuring Jamie Principle. | |

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