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M83: You and the Night [Film Score Review]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Accompanying Yann Gonzalez‘s French language film is this soundtrack by his brother, Anthony Gonzalez, aka M83. Composing the score to a moody, sensuous piece of cinema was always going to require a sound more subdued than something like electro anthem ‘Midnight city’ and the arrangements delivered on You and the Night are suitably haunting and mesmerizing.

Describing You and the Night as something for ‘lovers and ghosts,’ Gonzalez‘s compositions evoke feelings of sweet romanticism and sweeping melancholy. With a recurring string section throughout the score, it’s the subtle additions of wind instruments, pianos and vocals that characterize each of the tracks. ‘Lumier’ glows with a flute that softly rises above the bevy of soothing strings, and ‘Holograms’ brims with an undercurrent of arpeggio synths that skitter along playfully.

Further enhancing the mood is the addition of choral vocals. Even without lyrics, singers Morgan Kibby and Susanne Sundfør bring cuts like ‘Ali & Matthias’ and ‘Nous’ to life, though it is on closer ‘Un Noveaux Soleil’ that the inclusion of vocals shines brightest. Weaving her voice around impassioned, ascending strings, Sundfør adds an ethereal touch that illuminates just as the sun does rising on a new day.

Ultimately, Anthony Gonzalez proves that paintbrushes and pencils aren’t the only tools an artist can use to enhance imagery. His skilful understanding of the nuances needed to compliment his brother’s visuals has allowed him to create a work of delicate beauty that can be appreciated on its own.

Rating: ★★★

Take a listen to ‘Ali & Matthias’

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