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Oliver Tank: Slow Motion Music [EP Review]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.    

There’s something to be said for an album that can just make you be still for half an hour and Oliver Tank achieves that with a hypnotising effect on his second EP, Slow Motion Music.

‘Stay’ is as much a command to prepare you for the next thirty minutes of tunes as it is a song title; the soundscape Tank weaves will stop you in your tracks and Fawn Myers‘ whisper soft vocals are almost of a lullaby quality, willing you simply to stay put. Hayden Calnin continues in Fawn Myers‘ footsteps, creating a track with Tank that makes you feel like you’re floating in water.

‘Different Speed’ is a sublime collaboration with Ta-ku, meeting perfectly in the middle of the two producers’ styles; Ta-ku lends his signature chop hip-hop beats, setting off the atmospheric, textural layers Tank builds through the track with a practised hand.

Overall, a beautiful album that speaks volumes about the Australian music scene in 2013, Oliver Tank is one to watch. Minor note – ‘Time Stands Still When You Walk in the Room’ appears to have been mis-titled – I believe that Tank meant to call this one ‘Time Stands Still When You Put on this Album.’

Rating: ★★★★

Here is ‘Different Speed’ featuring Ta-ku.

We also have this tiny preview of the EP:

Oliver Tank’s Slow Motion Music EP is available now from iTunes, thanks to Create/Control. |

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