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My First CD: Matt, BICEP

UK production duo BICEP will be heading to Australia over the New Year period to play a few of the fantastic summer parties that are happening around the country, including LOST & FOUND in Sydney as well as Let Them Eat Cake in Melbourne on New Years Day.

We got in touch with Matt from BICEP to ask where his musical journey began.

“Hmm, my first actual CD was the Robert Miles ‘Dreamland’ album, back in 1995. Like most young people in Northern Ireland (pre-internet) tacky european trance was usually the doorway into anything electronic. I have to say though, even now I still have a real love for all things piano.

The first CD that made any impact was a complete mistake purchase. A girlfriend had intended to buy me some random CD (probably a fairly obvious chart dance album) I can’t remember what but accidentally bought AFX – ‘Analogue Bubblebath 3’ from HMV. She had got home and noticed her mistake but decided to just give it to me anyway. I had never ever heard music like this before, both light and delicate yet sinister and menacing. The rich analog synths he used instantly hit home with me as well. I remember listening to it in bed for the first time and having my mind totally blown. I was into underground techno and a lot of early synth music pretty soon after!”

Let’s take a listen to some very early Aphex Twin, aka AFX with ‘.215061’

Then relish in the production of BICEP‘s latest groin-tingling mix, HOT TUB SLAMZ.

Bicep will be in Australia to play the Let The Eat Cake in Melbourne on New Years Day. You can find those details here. | |

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