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My First CD: Cyril Hahn

Currently residing in Vancouver, Cyril Hahn has been forging his place in the international music world as one of the current best contemporary R&B producers. The Swiss-born music-maker will be heading to Australia next month for a stack of dates around the country, including the touring Falls Festival and Let The Eat Cake happening over the New Year period.

We got in touch with Cyril to ask where he picked up his love of grinding synth-tangled, R&B production.

“I don’t remember what my first ever CD was, but one that I had to think of the other day was Culture Beat’s Mr Vain. I must have bought it when I was 7 or 8 years old. I don’t think I listened to any other song on it apart from ‘Mr Vain.’ I didn’t speak English yet at that age and since German was my first language I had no clue what they were singing about, but I loved it musically. It’s such an awful and hilarious 90s techno track but it also has certain elements that are definitely becoming popular in electronic music again. Cheesy bass-lines and synth riffs are definitely something I have a soft spot for – maybe it all goes back to this song. I actually completely forgot about this song until recently. It’s pretty strange how much I liked it when I was 8 years old, because during my childhood and teenage years I was mostly listening to Punk and Hardcore music. I like how ‘Mr Vain’ closes the cycle between one of my first records and what I produce now.”

Let’s step back to 1993 with Culture Beats‘ ‘Mr. Vain’

Then we’ll come back to the now with Cyril’s gorgeous single ‘Perfect Form’ featuring Shy Girls.

Cyril is currently on tour playing a few shows across Europe. You can find all of those details here and all of the Let Them Eat Cake information can be found here. |


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