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Shy Girls: Second Heartbeat (The Kite String Tangle Remix)

Brisbane’s Danny Harley, better know to the masses as The Kite String Tangle, has recently added his exceptional production skills to ‘Second Heartbeat,’ the latest single from Portland’s Shy Girls.

As it stood, ‘Second Heartbeat’ was already a dominating force of silky-smooth, down-tempo elation. Now with the infusion of The Kite String Tangle‘s blend of electronic production, ‘Second Heartbeat’ feels as if it has taken flight across a clear, starry night-sky.

Shy Girls has a few dates locked in around the USA over the coming months. You can find all of those details here.

Before you go anywhere though, take a listen to The Kite String Tangle‘s recent rework of ‘Tennis Court’ by Lorde. | | | |

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