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The Notwist: Close To The Glass [New Single]

German indie experimentalists The Notwist have had a place in my heart since the release of their phenomenal sixth-studio album Neon Golden back in 2002.

To my pleasure, The Notwist have returned today with news of a brand-new album, as well as its first and title-track, ‘Close to The Glass.’

Close To The Glass track-list:
1. Signals
2. Close To The Glass
3. Kong
4. Into Another Tune
5. Casino
6. From One Wrong Place To Another
7. 7-Hour-Drive
8. The Fifth Quarter Of The Globe
9. Run Run Run
10. Steppin’ In
11. Lineri
12. They Follow Me

Close To The Glass is the follow-up to 2008’s The Devil, You + Me and will be out around the globe on February 25 thanks to Sub Pop Records and Spunk Records.

Now let’s revisit one of Neon Golden‘s greatest memories, ‘Pick Up The Phone’ |

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