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Touch Sensitive & Ego: Making Tracks, Episode 1 [Audiovisual Collaboration]

Sydney producer Touch Sensitive has recently teamed up with visual artist/VJ EGO to create a multi-sensory performance piece out of videos sent in by Instagram users.

The project is now underway and they are still calling out for YOU to get involved; you just need to film something on Instagram that sounds interesting, cool and/or weird, but be sure to tag it with #VJUKE so that the boys can pick it up. Everyone that submits a sample will be put into a draw to win tickets to the premiere event; which will be an insane party somewhere in Melbourne.

While still in its early stages, Touch Sensitive and Ego are happy to report that the piece includes a lot of weird stuff already.

Here’s a little peak behind the scenes of the project with Making Tracks, Episode 1.

Follow @VJUKE and @touchsensitive on Instagram to be kept up to date on the project and stay tuned for Making Tracks, Episode 2 coming next week. | | 

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