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Cut Copy: Free Your Mind [Album Review + Stream]

Words by Renee Meznarsic.

A band that needs absolutely no introduction, Melbourne electro quartet Cut Copy have done it again with their fourth album release, Free Your Mind.

From their mysterious six location album teaser, to Alexander Skarsgård prancing as a shirtless cult leader in his tighty-whities, Free Your Mind has been a well hyped and long awaited follow up to 2011’s Zonoscope.

Inspired by the Summer’s of Love (Acid fuelled ‘69, UK’s house music movement circa ‘88, and the pending Summer Of Love at our feet) Cut Copy show us the romanticised and nostalgic take on these times and what is on its way. Imagine dreamy 80’s electro pop, riddled with synthesizes, punching bass and Dan Whitford‘s dreamily haunting vocals, and you have Free Your Mind in a nutshell.

The first half of the album delivers the punchier side of things with songs ‘We Are Explorers’, ‘Let Me Show You’ and title track ‘Free Your Mind,’ all pounding hits that beg for a repeated listening.

A few instrumental tracks break up the pace a little and provide a moment to sit back and digest some of that sweet acid electro, without becoming a snore either.

From ‘In Memory Capsule’ onwards the pace drops back a little and gets you in a very comfortable groove whilst never losing that summery vibe. Tracks like ‘Take Me Higher’ and ‘Dark Corners and Mountain Tops’ give a very laid back contrast to its aforementioned first-half, but it’s a very chilled and welcomed change of pace.

What should end at the penultimate track ‘Walking in the Sky’, goes on for another two and a bit minutes with final track ‘Mantra,’ my only qualm and least favourite track on the album. Don’t get me wrong, it does have the means to tie the whole thing up into a neat little bow, it just fails to do with any sort of conviction and could/should have been removed from the equation.

Free Your Mind showcases that the time between 2011 and now, was definitely used wisely and the end result is a sexier, streamline yet still overtly Cut Copy album. Even if you don’t personally like Cut Copy, you can at least thank them for bringing us Skarsgard’s washboard abs – mm-hmmm.

Rating: ★★★★

Free Your Mind is available now around the globe thanks to Modular People. | |

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