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Thief: Closer [EP Review]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Nowadays, when someone mentions electronic production and R&B vocals in the same sentence, it’s enough to send lovers of both genres running for the hills, such has been the terrifying effect of the EDM meets R&B epidemic of the last few years.

Fear not dear music lover for Thief has arrived to combat the horrors of recent times by releasing his Closer EP, a work where synthesizers and smooth, emotive vocals come together to prove that electro based music has heart, sophistication and most importantly, that it does not need a Pitbull feature.

Produced by both Thief and Matt Redlich, the Closer EP features four songs that explore the darker side of a relationship. The lament and disdain voiced within the verses of the title track lead to a chorus that disperses with the feelings of being fed up with someone, whilst follow up ‘Broken Boy’ takes into account the role both parties play in the dissolution of love. The production sparkles with elated synths and bouncing blips that counterbalance the more serious tone of the lyrics, while Thief’s singing, which sometimes sounds similar to a more vocally capable Pharrell Williams, glows with a yearning for emotional respite.

Ultimately, Thief has offered up an EP that encompasses the poignant complexities of a relationship breakdown and juxtaposes these dark sentiments with production values that are buoyant and polished. This gem of an EP demands a closer look and will no doubt leave listeners hanging for more.

Rating: ★★★★

Here is the EP’s fantastic lead single, ‘Broken Boy’

Thief’s Closer EP will be on the shelves by November 1 thanks to Rabble Records/Shock Records. |

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