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Pusha T: My Name Is My Name [Album Stream + Review]

Words by Tobias Handke.

After countless setbacks, Pusha T’s long awaited major label debut, My Name Is My Name, has finally landed. It’s been a long journey for the veteran MC, but few could argue with Pusha T’s opening line, “This is my time, this is my hour”, with The Clipse member finally delivering the career defining album hip hop heads have been waiting for.

Throughout his career, Pusha T has made it well known he identifies more with his drug past than his rapper present, continuing this theme throughout My Name Is My Name, from comparing selling his first gram to winning a Grammy on military opener ‘King Pusha’, to detailing his cocaine selling days on ’40 Acres’. Pusha T’s vivid and descriptive rhymes only enhance his criminal past, but unlike so many of his peers, you actually believe what he spits. Whether it’s his gritty style on the menacing ‘Pain’, or his compelling story telling on the Jeezy assisted trap banger ‘No Regrets’, Pusha T remains wildly engaging, pulling you into his dark world of drug dealing and violence.

Although excessive, the guest appearances rarely take away from the overall feel of the album. Kendrick Lamar continues his phenomenal run of form on old school ‘Nosetalgia’, while Pharrell Williams provides smooth, auto-tuned vocals on album closer ‘S.N.I.T.C.H.’ You also can’t go past the 2 Chainz and Big Sean number ‘Who I Am’. Pusha T drops his trademark ‘Woooh’ during the chorus (in honour of his favourite wrester Ric Flair), while 2 Chainz’s rhyming of swimming pool with living room would be laugh out loud funny if 2 Chainz wasn’t serious. As for Big Sean’s verse, the less said the better.

Rick Ross’ appearance on ‘Hold On’ is bizarre, as Pusha T calls out fake rappers who claim to be drug dealers over a Kanye West auto-tuned beat, while Pusha T bites Ma$e’s style on the Kelly Rowland assisted, ‘Let Me Love You’, coming off a little corny.

While his auto-tuned vocals on ‘Hold On’ are the only time West actually sings on the album, his footprint is all over My Name Is My Name. Having produced the majority of the tracks, there’s a definite My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy feel to the production, but this never overshadows Pusha T’s cocaine king persona.

Pusha T, as both a member of The Clipse and as a solo artists, has managed to forge a career telling tales of his drug dealing exploits without compromising his style or integrity, and similarly to Danny Brown, has found his greatest success in his 30s, with My Name Is My Name proving the older hip hop heads still have a trick or two up their sleeves.

Rating: ★★★★

1.King Push
2. Numbers on the Boards
3. Sweet Serenade
4. Hold On
5. Suicide
6. 40 Acres
7. No Regrets
8. Let Me Love You
9. Who I Am
10. Nosetalgia
11. Pain
12. S.N.I.T.C.H

Grab a copy of My Name Is My Name now from iTunes.

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