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Lorde: Live @The Corner Hotel [Gig Review]

Words by Laura Bee.

Lorde‘s Tuesday night show at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne was packed out. As I entered the heaving room, I shuffled to the middle of the crowd where I stood in quiet anticipation for the coming of Lorde.

The excitement and mysterious aura surrounding this young artist sustained my energy while we all waited an extra 15 minutes for her to appear through the lingering smoke on stage. And when she did, the crowd cheered so loud that my lame one-handed thigh-slapping clap (I had a beer in the other hand) became more futile at making a sound than ever before.

She appeared dressed a tight long-sleeved red dress, flicking her trademark unwieldy hair from her face as she (and her two band mates in the shadows) filled the room with vibrating beats and a deep voice that is simply mesmerizing and incredibly mature, strong and perfect. Her vocal tones sent chills down my spine during ‘Royals’ and ‘Tennis Court.’

I also appreciated her unashamed use of vocal backing tracks to support her live vocals throughout. The were mixed perfectly. And she spoke to the crowd in between songs just enough for her to give us a glimpse into her personality, but still retain an air of mystery.

For the next 50 minutes, I stood transfixed. I could not look away. Not only is Lorde an extremely honest, untainted and fresh song-writer, her stage presence and talent for performing and moving on stage is in my mind, quite perfect. She’s clearly not one of those new artists who busts onto the scene with a hit track, and is then thrust on stage, handed a mic and told to do their best without having any stage experience. No. Lorde is the complete package. Put this lady on the Glastonbury main stage, and she’d be ready.

Almost every article you’ll read on Lorde mentions her young age, and it’s not unwarranted – she’s only 16 and what she has achieved so far is quite mind-blowing. Watching her effortlessly elegant performance made me 1) wonder about what heights lie ahead in her career, and 2) wonder what the hell was I doing at 16.

Lorde had this ability to make me feel totally enchanted, and totally inadequate all at once. No matter how hard you or I try, we will never be a cool as Lorde.

If you missed her this time, catch her at Laneway Festival in February. DO IT!!

Rating: ★★★★★ | |

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  1. Amied says:

    Great review! I couldn’t agree more. Lorde is lord!

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