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Sufjan Stevens: It’s A Long Life Live Jam [Early Recordings]

Sufjan Stevens continues to dig around in old hard drives, sifting through his vast catalogue of recordings and demos. Just a few days ago he uploaded ‘It’s A Long Life Live Jam’ to his “Tumblr Ghetto” SoundCloud page, a recording that eventually became the closing track to The Age of Adz‘s mind-blowing, ‘Impossible Soul.’

Sufjan had this to say on his Tumblr:

“More obsolescence found on old hard drives. This one is hilarious: a live jam session in Seattle, WA (circa 2009?) that eventually evolved into the last party section of “Impossible Soul.” Casey on bass, James on drums, me on piano, overdub choir is a bunch of folks I don’t remember who. Recorded in Casey’s living room. We were like that indulgent high school rock band that plays the same thing for 8 hours in their parents’ garage. Therapy? Catharsis? Enlightenment? I’ll take what I can get. For those of you suffering the darkness, remember: It’s a long life. Pace yourself. Put your face together. Stay Positive!”


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