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Cut Copy: We Are Explorers [New Single]

Just two weeks out from the release of Cut Copy‘s hugely anticipated forthcoming record Free Your Mind, the Sydney duo share another synth-inspired disco jam with us all titled, ‘We Are Explorers.’

Free Your Mind track-list:
1. (Intro)
2. Free Your Mind
3. We Are Explorers
4. Let Me Show You Love
5. (into the desert)
6. Footsteps
7. In Memory Capsule
8. (above the city)
9. Dark Corners & Mountain Tops
10. Meet Me in a House of Love
11. Take Me Higher
12. (the waves)
13. Walking in the Sky
14. Mantra

Cut Copy’s forthcoming record Free Your Mind is due to hit the shelves on November 1 thanks to Modular PeoplePre-orders are now being accepted.

The boys are currently on tour across the USA before heading over to Europe and then back Downunder in the new year. You can find all of those details on their tour page. | |

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