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Touch Sensitive & Ego: VJUKE [Audiovisual Collaboration]

Touch Sensitive and visual artist/VJ EGO are teaming up for a new collaborative project they are calling VJUKE and they’ll be looking to their fans to help make it all happen.

Over the next five weeks, the boys will be asking fans (or non-fans) to submit Instagram videos with the specific audio and visual themes that they’ll need to create one epic audiovisual track.

To get involved you just need to submit an existing or new Instagram clip on your phone and hashtag the project’s name, #VJUKE.

Touch Sensitive and Ego will then collect these videos and turn them into a produced audiovisual track which will then be performed at a gig in Melbourne on Thursday, November 21 – along with an online streaming of course.

You can stay up to date on the project via it’s Twitter feed: | | 

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