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Loon Lake: Gloamer [Album Review + Stream]

Words by Justine McNamara.

Loon Lake’s debut LP Gloamer combines what we loved about their EPs – namely, the track ‘Cherry Lips’ and the energy on display at every live show they do. The Melbourne five-piece have been making a name for themselves for a while now and it’s about time their work paid off with an interesting and strong album.

First track ‘Tonight’ is an instrumental intro. Its presence is a little questionable – surely it would have been better to start with a song that has lyrics? Slower track ‘Love Gets Done’ is the first real taste of Gloamer, and while it’s a little repetitive and doesn’t show a lot of diversity until the last minute or so, it’s still a pleasant way to start. The distortion at the end is what makes this track. The rest of this album mostly follows this theme: slow tracks that build and layer up slowly, often adding some distortion and keys as they go. Not all of the tracks are like this of course, but it’s definitely a common theme.

The notable standouts include the successful single ‘Cherry Lips’ and ‘On Fire’. The former uses a funky guitar riff and fun drum beat that really make you feel like dancing, and the end of the track will make you want to clap along no matter where you are when you’re listening to it.
‘On Fire’ is a fun track that starts and builds quickly. Loon Lake do sexy riffs and driving drum beats well, which makes those faster tracks a lot more enjoyable than the aforementioned slower ones.

It’s a strong debut, but after a few listens the theme of the album becomes a little tedious. Their songwriting is a little too consistent on this album, there’s just one too many heartbreak or breakup references to deal with. But, the with the songwriting skills they’ve displayed, they will develop this further in future.

Gloamer is consistent, strong and enjoyable. Loon Lake are worth a listen, and worth watching to see what comes next.

Rating: ★★★

Stream Gloamer in its entirety below:

Then head over to iTunes to purchase your very own copy.


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  1. lulu says:

    amazing debut record from Loon Lake

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