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Seabellies: Fever Belle [Album Review]

Words by Renee Meznarsic.

After a mini hiatus, Seabellies, our (my) favourite Newcastle quintet is back with their forthcoming album, Fever Belle. A nostalgic and charming follow up to their 2010 release By Limbo Lake, without ever losing that Seabellies spunk we know and love.

Now, for those of you playing at home, Seabellies have been kicking around since 2006, after winning Garage to V, touring Australia on the V Festival circuit and getting some killer support slots too (Please see The Pixies, Phoenix, Groove Armada and Soulwax).

They released 2 albums (2007 & 2010) and then went M.I.A., as the band embarked on some soul searching in different points on the world map.

3 years post release of By Limbo Lake, a more worldly and astute line up return to give us Fever Belle.

The album opens with the title track ‘Feverbelle’, a progressive listen with romantic and bouncing beats, a soft and gentle opener for the album. ‘ASCE’ and ‘Atlantis’ both keep in line with this romantic notion, with a soft lacing of amorous lyrics that will dance around your head.

Single ‘It’s Alright’ was the first song written in Berlin, and also continues with this airy and poignant theme, you get an overwhelming sense that this is a song of wanderlust and perhaps a love gone wrong, my personal favourite track on the album too.

‘Paper Tiger,’ the albums 2nd single kicks the pace up a notch with it’s punchy guitar riffs and drums, which provides a nice change of pace for the otherwise very chilled out album.

Other notable tracks include; ‘Little Bomb,’ ‘Context’ & album finale ‘Dark Echoes.’

Fever Belle is a much more sombre and introspective release than what we usually expect from the gang, but it really works for them, and it carries across the entirety of the album. This is the kind of album you want playing as you lay in the afternoon sun, holding the hand of a loved one. It’s an album to fall in love with and in love to. Another very solid release, from a very solid Australian band.

Rating: ★★★★

Fever Belle is out on October 18 thanks to Shock Records. | |

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