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The Kite String Tangle: Interview + Tour Announcement

Fresh off the back of his National tour as front-man for Brisbane indie-dance crew PIGEON, Danny Harley aka The Kite String Tangle is hitting the road again this week supporting Owl Eyes on her National tour throughout October, before embarking on his first TKST headlining tour in November.

I had a quick catch up with Danny the other day, just to see how things were coming along.

Where are you and what are you wearing?
Oooh, good question. I am at my house in North Brisbane, in my bedroom and I’m on my bed…
I’m not too sure how this happened but I am wearing all black today; underwear, pants, belt and a black Beatles shirt. You’re so Emo! I know (laughs) Na, I’m pretty much down to my reserve clothes. Everything else is waiting to be washed. There are no plans to leave the house today (laughs)

Where did TKST come from?
Well I’ve always been a fan of the more evocative types of music like Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, City and Colour and Jónsi for as long as I can remember and it’s only just recently that I started putting a name to what I was doing and getting serious about it. It feels like I’ve always been doing it but it’s just now that it is actually become “a thing” and I’ve got something to show for it. And people like it, that’s a good thing (laughs)

‘Given The Chance’ is killing it all over the globe. Did you expect that kind of response from your first TKST release?
No man, not all. It’s really amazing. It’s just been growing really organically and that’s such a great feeling. I’ve only been basically promoting and sharing it around with people myself, which has been a massive learning curve. I’ve really gotten a lot from this process.

Last weekend you dropped a fucking amazing cover of Lorde’s ‘Tennis Court.’ Yeah man, thanks. How did that come about? I thought it was such a great simple track to do something with so I started playing around with it. I didn’t want to mess with the overall vibe of the song too much and in the beginning that proved to be a little bit challenging and frustrating. I just couldn’t get what I wanted with it, then right at the last minute I threw in some guitar and it really just brought it all together nicely.

Do you have any other covers or remix projects in the works?
Yeah I have a few remixes for various people on the way. Are you allowed to tell us who they are for? I have no idea actually, but I will! (laughs) One is for a Gold Coast guy called CVIRO and then there’s a UK producer called Shy Girls. That guy’s work is amazing. I really love this song I’m working on. It’s fucking great. Super excited to be working on both of these actually.

Can we expect some more original material from you ahead of your headlining tour? Well, no new releases. I probably won’t have any new tracks finished until maybe……early next year. I am sitting on about 12 half-done songs at the moment. It’s just a matter of working through those and selecting the best ones. I’m currently working out my short and long-term plans, as well as when will be the most suitable time to release my debut EP. I really want to make a great first impression with this debut, so I don’t want to rush anything. I’ll likely spend the next few months refining those before I release anything new.

Let’s take a minute to listen to ‘Given The Chance’

Given The Chance Tour dates:
Thursday, November 7 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane –
Friday, November 8 – The Causeway, Perth – (free entry before 9pm, then tickets on the door)
Saturday, November 9 – Rhino Room, Adelaide – (tickets available on the door)
Thursday, November 14 – Workers Club, Melbourne –
Friday, November 15 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney –

Then let’s finish with TKST’s cover of ‘Tennis Court’ by Lorde. | |

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