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HAIM: Days Are Gone [Album Review]

Words by Justine McNamara.

If you only learn one lesson from Days Are Gone, it’s got to be this: Don’t fuck with the HAIM girls. This album goes through huge emotions and takes us through some breakups and difficult situations. But the best part is, they do it without sounding miserable.

The Californian sisters have created some waves of late, and Days Are Gone really shows the hype surrounding them is justified. ‘Falling’, ‘Forever’ and ‘Don’t Save Me’ have been out for awhile now, but the new material they’ve put on the album is more than enough for them to show their talent. Latest single ‘The Wire’ has a catchy as hell guitar riff, and a bass line that makes you think of Este’s bassface while you’re listening to it. It’s up there as one of the early standouts of the album but it’s the darkness of ‘My Song 5’ that really grabs my attention.

“I’ve been lied to, so what’s the truth?” is such a powerful line. Combined with an edgy guitar riff and distorted vocals, it’s one of the most strikingly different tracks on the album. I love the contrast this track provides. Even though their usually upbeat-sounding songs are done to perfection, this shows some real diversity in their style. Delving into the dark side even more, ‘Go Slow’ is a great track that explores a slower tempo and a stripped-back sound. “Oh I just wanna go back hold on to the way that I was/ Cuz you took away all my young life. And I hate who I’ve become from your heat now,” are also powerful lyrics that show their songwriting maturity.

The album finishes on another powerful track with ‘Let Me Go’. The harmonies and riffs on this track are engaging and somewhat haunting. It’s so refreshing and satisfying to listen to a consistent album that doesn’t give up towards the end, or include tracks just for the sake of it. Every single track is strong and powerful, and it makes for a very pleasurable listen. It’s definitely an album that gets even better the more you listen to it, and one that you’ll want to repeat over and over after your first listen.

HAIM’s debut Days Are Gone really is worth what it’s cracked up to be.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Here is their latest catchy-as-hell single is ‘The Wire’

Followed by their long-time much loved single ‘Falling’

Grab your very own copy of Days Are Gone right now from iTunes. |



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  1. uhnm11 says:

    Great review Justine! I’m really excited for the album to drop on the 30th. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, the video for “The Wire” is definitely worth checking out too:

  2. Jen says:

    Love the album. Wish there were more new songs, but it’s still really awesome! Can’t wait to see them live. Days are Gone is streaming on NPR now.

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