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Zeahorse: Pools [Album Review]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Behold! ‘Pools’, the long awaited debut by Sydney foursome, Zeahorse is finally here and it should surprise no one that it delivers quite an unforgettable experience. All the fans they’ve amassed through touring will already know what to expect from this LP, whilst anyone unfamiliar will surely find themselves transfixed by Zeahorse’s fusion of grunge, punk and psychedelic rock.

Things commence strongly with ‘Career’ and ‘Pool’, which hit you with some very resplendent riffs. The subdued aggression at the beginning ‘Familiar Faeces’ gives way to an explosion of distorted guitars and shouted vocals, and one will find that this play on light and dark is found across the album.

‘Tugboat’ shines thanks to its punk rock energy, and ‘Junktown Train’ proves to be an infectious two minutes that you’ll actually want more of. As ‘Pools’ reaches its final moments, the energy becomes significantly more relaxed. ‘Kathie’s Makeover’ simmers with its shadowy, intoxicating feel and woman’s rant about doing nails, whilst the instrumental ‘Pesto’ serves as the perfect comedown.

At nine tracks in length, this formidable effort by Zeahorse is all killer and no filler. It burns with an intensity that lulls you to a comforted state one moment and suddenly hurls you into a cyclone of distortion and angst, before settling you down slowly once again. Whilst this fluctuation of energy sounds disorienting, it is actually the driving force of the record, and no doubt something that listeners will relish over and over again.

Rating: ★★★★

Take a listen to the album’s opening track ‘Career’

As well as the title-track ‘Pools’

Zeahorse’s debut long player Pools is out on September 27 via HUB The Label. |


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