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Mushroom Showcase: World’s End Press, Stonefield and Adalita

Words by Justine McNamara.

Best way to spend a Wednesday night? At Goodgod Small Club, for a showcase of Mushroom Records artists. The show featured performances from World’s End Press, Stonefield and Adalita (of Magic Dirt fame) who were all there to play some new songs from their respective forthcoming albums.

The night started off with a great performance from Melbourne’s World’s End Press, who took us back to 1983 for awhile. All members on stage were incredibly energetic but the keyboard player was the one to watch. He moved between two keyboards seamlessly and fiddled with controls while he played simultaneously. Their music is almost hypnotic and it feels like more time has passed than it really has while they’re playing. Watching bands that move on stage and get into their own music is so sexy. It helps the crowd to relax and shows they really believe what they’re doing.

The lead singer tells us it’s his last song and jumps off stage and dances at the front of the floor. Typical too-cool-for-school Sydney gig goers – myself included – take photos and stand back instead of joining in. Why is there always a big gap between the stage and the crowd at Goodgod? The same happens at the end of the song, and World’s End Press walk off to make way for Stonefield.

It feels like they’ve been around forever and already done it all based I their success. In reality, they’re just about release their debut album. But my, how I’ve missed seeing them live! Featuring a new drummer with the singer upfront instead of behind a kit, the band is rocking from the first moment. There’s still that division between the stage and the crowd, which is odd as the music coming from the stage is good enough to get anyone moving.

The new drummer does a great job and having the singer up the front and at the centre of attention is a good move for them. The songs we’ve heard tonight are amazing, and if even half of the new tracks are this good, they’re a big chance for having one of the albums of the year. The latest single, ‘Put Your Curse On Me’ closed their brief set and blew everyone away.

Adalita saunters on stage after being introduced by Michael Gudinski and owns the room immediately. The former Magic Dirt singer still has charm, raunch and a whole lot of sex appeal and judging by how enthralled everyone else was, I’m not the only one who has a huge crush on her. ‘I Want Your Love’ has her opening her heart for all to see on stage, and the emotion she brought to it was incredibly powerful. The raunchy quality of her voice combined with some dirty rocking guitar riffs shows All Day Venus will be one hell of an album. Her band also need to be congratulated, they got through some tight spots with their speakers without any fuss.

Being able to get along to hear some new music from some talented, quality Australian artists was a huge privilege. I’m very excited to hear the new albums that were showcased tonight. | |

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