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My First CD: David Beadle, The Naked and Famous

New Zealand’s The Naked And Famous have this week dropped their much anticipated sophomore LP In Rolling Waves. We touched base with TNAF bass player David Beadle to ask where his musical seed first started to flourish.

My First CD I ever owned was Led Zeppelin IV. When I bought the album it wasn’t a conscious decision. I was around about 11 and knew that I wanted to listen to rock music and that Led Zeppelin was the place to start for me. This is around the same time I was learning how to play guitar and the song ‘Black Dog’ was one of the first ones I learned. As I listened to the album there were two tracks that really stood out to me, ‘The Battle of Evermore’ and ‘Going to California.’ Both of them had a dimension in music that I was yet to hear at that age and consequently I was completely blown away by what I was listening to. At this stage in my life I kind of wish my first record was something along the lines of Nirvana or something with a bit more angst. With that said, Led Zeppelin IV did in a way romanticise rock and roll for me in a way that inspired me to continue pursuing music.

Let’s step back to 1971 for Zeppelin’s classic hit ‘Black Dog.’

Then come on back to the present for In Rolling Waves’ epic debut single ‘Hearts Like Ours’

Grab a copy of In Rolling Waves now from iTunes. | |

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