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Delorean: Apar [Album Review & Stream]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Spanish quartet Delorean bring forth a welcome collection of vibrant, sun kissed tunes on their latest effort, Apar. Brimming with a summer festival vibe, the Basque group’s latest boasts higher production values than any of their previous releases, something that becomes apparent after the play button is hit.

As far as opening cuts go, the synth pop deliciousness of first single ‘Spirit’ is the perfect way to kick start the proceedings. Brandishing 80’s drum effects and Ekhi Lopetegi‘s soaring vocals, it’s the sonic equivalent of the perfect lure, irresistible and ultimately inescapable. ‘Destitute Time’ is a fine follow up with its driving guitars and female backing vocals courtesy of Cameron Mesirow (Glasser), whilst ‘Dominion’ turns the heat up a notch with its stirring rhythms.

Speaking of female vocals, Chairlift‘s Caroline Polachek shows up on ‘Unhold’. Here, her angelic tone takes centre stage and floats amidst the skittering high hats and makes for a dazzling standout. Equally entrancing is ‘Walk High’. Here, the ethereal vocal layering and dreamy synths transport the listener to another realm.

Whilst Apar may lack the more danceable feel of previous effort Subiza, the growth Delorean exhibited this time round is proof that a dull moment won’t be found on anything they do. Aside from the more polished sound of the album, the arrangements are more diverse and the appearance of both Mesirow and Polachek adds a further dimension to the experience. Not bad for a band named after a time travelling car.

Rating: ★★★★

Delorean’s forthcoming record Apar is out now on iTunes. |

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