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Holy Ghost!: Dynamics [Album Review & Stream]

Words by Dan Azzopardi.

As a fan of Brooklyn-based duo Holy Ghost!‘s critically acclaimed self-titled debut album of 2011, I’ll start by saying that Dynamics is a dramatic expansion of that already propulsive sound. Guided by DFA Records, Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel have produced a synth-pop masterpiece.

Dynamics yields a more personal, emotional experience than their former album release, dealing with the ‘dynamics’ of relationships. Track one, ‘Okay,’ was designed specifically for the angsty teenager to mime to in front of the mirror, whilst they shift side-to-side lamenting their unrequited love. It could easily have fit into the soundtrack of Sixteen Candles, what with its sparkly synths, kitschy drum machine beats and lovesick lyrics; this could be said for majority of the album’s tracks.

High school crushes, summers past, jealousy and the push-and-pull of relationships are common themes throughout Dynamics. Although the messaging could be considered raw, the production along with Alex’s vocals and lyrics have matured. ‘It Must Be The Weather’ is testament to his developed singing abilities.

My guess is that ‘Dance A Little Closer,’ an infectious, harmony saturated track featuring LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang, will be the next single release.

Whilst many acts struggle with their sophomore album, attempting to meet the hype and expectations set by their debut, Holy Ghost! have improved on what I thought was synth-pop perfection.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Stream Dynamics from Holy Ghost! in full:

Holy Ghost!’s Dynamics is an essential for any disco/synth enthusiast. Buy it now from DFA Records. | |

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